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Youth Development Projects & Resources from LA Net

Knox, L. Individualizing Community Assessment through Community-Researcher Collaboration. The LHA Readiness to Change Experience.  The Aspen Institute. 2003. 

Knox, L., Bracho, A., Sanchez, J., Vasques, M., Hahn, G., Monserrate-Sanders, P., & Jose Kampfner, C.  Youth as change agents in distressed immigrant communities:  A youth promotor program to reduce violence and improve well-being based on Paulo Freire’s theories of Intervention.  Community Youth Development Journal Dated: Fall 2005 Pages: 19-28.  

Knox, L., & Spivak, H. What Health Professionals Should Know. Core Competencies for Effective Practice in Youth Violence Prevention. 2005 Journal of Preventive Medicine.  Vol 29. Issue 5. Supplement 2. 191-199.   

Knox, L. The Ecology of Resilience in the Inner City. 1999.  Dissertation.    


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Joan Serra Hoffman, Lyndee Knox, and Robert Cohen, Editors

An edited book showcasing successful violence prevention programs in South Africa, Iraq, Haiti, Jamaica Israel, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, Columbia a
nd the U.S.

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