L.A. Net

LA Net is a Practice Based Research Network (PBRN) established in 2002.  It consists of a voluntary network of providers from Federally Qualified Health Centers, Community Health Centers and private practices that have joined together to work to reduce health disparities in Los Angeles.

LA Net consists of 25 FQHCs, CHCs and private practices serving low-income patients, representing 116 distinct practice locations in the County and delivering more than 1.2 million patient visits a year.

Network partners contribute to project ideas, work collaboratively with other network work members to develop and run studies and interventions aimed at reducing disparities in the region.

Network members have participated as partners in more than 20 studies since 2002 aimed at improving the health of urban poor adults and children.

LA Net members also recently established a small non-profit to house basic support resources for the network and to support collaborative project development across network members. The 501c houses a small staff who assist members in developing projects with that improve the lives of low income families in Los Angeles.

Mission Statement: LA Net’s mission is to improve primary care services provided to low-income minority and underserved families living in Southern California and to help reduce health disparities through empowering and supporting health care providers and community based organizations whom also serve to do the same. LA Net aims to improve quality and access to primary and specialty care services, identify and implement innovations and best practices in treatment and service delivery, and participatory research and development partnerships with communities, community based organizations and the safety net.

To learn more about LA Net or to become a partner, please email us.