LA Net is a community-based organization focused on health disparities reduction in Southern California. Established in 2002 with funding from the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). L.A. Net provides support to CHCs, NPOs and private primary care practices serving low income communities.

L.A. Net provides training, technical assistance, and staff support to its community partners to assist them in conducting evaluation and research on issues that matter to them. We also assist them in establishing partnerships with local universities and faculty to support research relevant to their patients and provides QI support to safety net practices interested in implementing CCM and beginning transformation to PCMHs.

L.A. Net and its members have participated in a variety of federally and foundation funded studies over the past 10 years including:

  • An evaluation of a web-based medical errors and adverse event reporting system for primary care (AHRQ)
  • A pilot of the national children’s study (NIH)
  • Replication of a peer-led diabetes self management program (Peers for Progress), Americans in Motion evaluation (AAFP)
  • A study of the management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in primary care (AHRQ)
  • Promotor-delivered child abuse and school readiness parenting intervention (CDC)
  • An evaluation of the impact of practice coaching on implementation of the Chronic Care Model in the safety net (AHRQ), and;
  • Evaluation of EKCITA, a health information exchange based in Kern County California (AHRQ).

L.A. Net also supports clinician-initiated projects. Examples of these recent projects include:

  • An evaluation of office-based colonoscopy to increase access for the uninsured that is currently being replicated by the local Veteran’s Administration
  • A study of nutritional practices of recently immigrated families
  • Use of complimentary and alternative medicines by recent immigrants, depression screening in chronic disease, and;
  • Evaluation of the use of I2I and case management to improve STD care.

L.A. Net is a member of the National Federation of PBRNs, the ePCRN/MAFPRN, PrimeNet, OKPRN, and the BelieveHealth HIT Technical Assistance program. Learn more about “what is a PBRN?”