2012 Fellows

2012 Fellows

2012 Fellows

Evelyn Scott

Born in Guatemala city.
Came to USA at age 13.
Graduated from MT SAC as an RN 2005.
Graduated from California State Fullerton with a BSN 2009.
Student at California State University Long Beach since 2011.

I am currently a cardiac RN at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital (PIH) since 2005. I have worked there for 6 years. I developed interest on public health after dealing with so many sick individuals at the hospital. I know we can prevent many of the chronic diseases individuals currently develop. The key is education in how to do it. Many times individuals are not well knowledge about how to prevent diseases and they do not find out about diseases until they are already too sick.

David Snuggs

My name is Doremus Snuggs. I go by my middle name David. I attend Cal State Long Beach. My major is Health Care Administration. I will be graduating May 2012. I love to read, write, listen to music, watch TV and movies, and exercise. I am proficient in working with PC computers and building custom computers. I am well learned in Microsoft Office 2012, including Word, Excel and Access. At the end of the day, I love the health care industry and helping others in the community.

Krishdara Uy

My name is Krishdara Uy or Kris for short. I’m a health care administration major student at CSULB. I plan to graduate from CSULB with a Bachelor of Science in HCA in the fall of 2012. I have a strong interest in administration, quality improvement, EMR, and public health. I plan to go into one of these fields once I graduate from CSULB and eventually attend graduate school once I’ve gotten a couple years of health care work experience. I’ve tutored and worked in sales, so I’ve developed strong communication, marketing, and leadership skills. I decided to choose LA Net fellowship because of the project opportunities and experience that the organization has to offer. I’m looking forward to making the most and getting the best learning experience out of this fellowship.

Alina Rayamajhi

Hi, I am Alina Rayamajhi, a graduate student from California State University, long beach. I am pursuing a dual degree in Masters in Public health/Masters in Nursing. I am a Registered Nurse currently working in a medical surgical floor. My areas of interest are; research, quality improvement, evidenced based practice, health education and promotion. It will be a great learning experience to work with an organization that is focused on health disparity reduction and support different private practices that serve low-income communities. Additionally, its unique role of providing assistance to community partners in conducting research and quality improvement is what makes LA net exceptional and a learner’s dream.

Ellen Ruhstaller

Ellen Ruhstaller started her education at California State University, Fullerton and after taking a short break that included a move to New York City (and back!) she returned to complete her degree at California State University, Long Beach.  She will be graduating this May with her Bachelors of Science in Community Health Education.  Ellen’s interests range from Public Health to Epidemiology. She is enthusiastic to learn more about any area of healthcare, especially those that involve implementing educational programs within the community. Ellen has a special interest in Breast Cancer related research and has spent time fundraising and volunteering for both the Avon Foundation and The American Cancer Society. After graduating this May, she looks forward to beginning her career as a Health Educator. She does intend to further her education and pursue a Master’s degree in the future. Ellen learned of the LA Net fellowship program from her Internship Advisor at CSULB, Dr. Veronica Acosta-Deprez.  Ellen is very excited to be a member of the LA Net team!

Karen Palmer

I developed an interest in the administrative side of medicine at an early age, working at an animal hospital in Southern California. As a young adult, my focus strayed from veterinary care to that of the underserved and disadvantaged people, particularly the mentally ill. I have been pursuing a degree in Health Care Administration at CSULB ever since. Through my coursework there, I learned about LA Net and found that their mission, to reduce disparities in healthcare, is the same as mine. I am thrilled to be interning with such a meaningful organization. It is my hope that my compassion, experiences, and my ties to the community will one day make me an important player in healthcare in Southern California.

Steven Warner

My name is Steven Warner.  I am from the San Joaquin Valley and currently attending California State University of Long Beach.  I will be graduating this spring with a Bachelors of Science in Health Care Administration.  After graduation, I hope to find a job in research within the realm of Public Health.